About us

People wearing ties have called her “one of the internet’s most irreverent counterculture personalities with a reputation for scathingly intelligent pop culture commentary,” which is nice of them, but really, she’s just an anonymous party girl who talks shit online for fun and profit.

The Coquette started all this ridiculousness on a blurry eyed whim in early 2009 with her personal blog Coke Talk, an outrageous and unfiltered take on life in Hollywood.

Soon after, she branched out with wildly successful advice and style blogs, where she now fields thousands of letters each month on everything from wardrobe malfunctions to existential crisis management.

The Coquette is currently the advice columnist for The Daily, and with over a half million daily readers, her column is one of the most popular features of the groundbreaking iPad newspaper.

Most recently, she opened an online boutique where she offers hand picked items from up-and-coming designers, as well as her exclusive jewelry collection created in collaboration with NEIVZ.